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Community Arts


IVAF Community Arts Scholarship

SASD Senior Award $250

The Indian Valley Arts Foundation has started a new program, the IVAF Community Arts Scholarship. The initiative was spearheaded by Marian Eide, a retired nurse, elementary school teacher and long-time member of the IVAF board who has spent much of her life advocating for the arts.


The Foundation will award a $250 scholarship to a Souderton Area High School senior who is passionate about creative writing, poetry, and/or the visual arts and has completed the submission form including 1 or more projects that showcase their creative work. The award winner will also have the opportunity to meet an expert in your artistic field to gain insights and wisdom from community artists.

Deadline - Friday, March 31, 2023

CRITERIA:  Student who has a passion for creative writing, poetry, and/or visual arts Senior currently attending Souderton Area High School.

Complete the Submission form below including one to three examples of work that you have created during your time at SASD

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