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2021 Winner, Francine Ferlick

I am currently a senior at Souderton Area High school, and throughout my high school career I gravitated to taking art and technology based classes. I have a passion for art and I lose track of time, hunger, and thirst when I am creating!

From when I was very young, I enjoyed creating little projects with my hands. This eventually grew to a much bigger passion, where I hope to pursue a creative career.

I am also very skilled with technology so I found a career path that I believe would suit me, which is called User-Experience Design. This job applies both creativity with logic and problem solving, where you are able to design the customers experience on apps and websites. The idea of this job sounds so fun yet also challenging which will help me develop as a worker. It is also a very collaborative job which I believe I am suited for as an extrovert and a people-person. I believe that technology is ever growing and there will always be a need for designers in this field.

Creativity is in my blood and I know that I am destined to use my talent throughout my future career because it makes me happy!

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